testimonialsErika has an amazing, true gift. She helped me see my path as my life was going through major dramatic changes. I felt like I was in limbo and had lost all meaning. Without any explanation of my desperate situation, she immediately “saw” where I belonged. Her questions and comments helped me clearly visualize specific images with incredible details touching all the most important aspects of my life. These images are still helping me along in my daily life. In this way she opened my eyes so I could clearly see where I was going. This brought me peace and confidence. All my fear disappeared! She also brought back all our passed family members whom we love and cherish into my present daily life. My experience with Erika was unbelievable and in a way “sacred”. She changed my life. No matter what obstacles I face, I know I will be fine. As she reminded me, “All is good.”

AMG, Amagansett, NY

When I came to see Erika for a reading, I went in with an open mind and an open heart. I had never been to a medium before and was not sure what to expect. Erika made me feel very comfortable and immediately connected with my husband who had passed away just a year before. Erika relayed things to me from my husband that no one else could have known. I was not scared or upset but truly amazed. My three questions I brought were answered within the first 10 minutes of the reading. When I left Erika there was an inner peace inside me that has continued to flourish in the months since we met. Erika has a beautiful gift and it was my joy and pleasure to meet with her. I look forward to having another reading in the future.

-Peggy S., Teacher, Pennylvania


Imagine getting a decade of therapy in one hour (without the price tag).   That’s what a reading with Erika is like.   She is able to zero in on roadblocks holding you back from achieving your goals, whether it’s getting a promotion or meeting the love of your life.   From that point, she helps you find a healthy way to address the issue and navigate your way through it.   You still have to do the work, but it is now with a renewed sense of assurance and purpose.

~Erika, News Anchor

From the moment Erika opened the door to greet me I felt a heart-to-heart connection. Her energy is pure love and kindness and she puts you immediately at ease – as though you are sitting with an old friend. The messages Erika delivered were exactly what I needed to hear. Her words allowed me to approach some situations in my life with a different view point which, in turn, led to me having a fresh perspective. She filled me with hope and possibilities. She confirmed that my path was exactly the right one for me, right now. I have since recommended Erika to several friends and not one has been disappointed. Erika is an authentic healer and 21st century light bearer. I am so happy to have found her.

~Blessings, Marge

First of all, when you meet Erika, you are immediately infused with a peaceful, joyful energy, that can be expressed as what it feels to be truly LOVED. And that says a lot since this is the first time meeting her. It’s because of this feeling that I ended up completely letting go and trusting the process, and all the while feeling very safe, nurtured and loved. As Erika calls to her guides, and seeks guidance from your guides, a protective bubble surrounds you both, to allow only the loving energy access to your realm. A good bit of what Erika shared with me I had felt intuitively, but when a stranger validates your gut feelings of what are your deepest truths, you become stronger and more confident about something you only dared to believe was true. As a result of one session with Erika, I have clarity about some specifics on my path that before caused much hesitation. The confidence this has given me is amazing and this experience is one of the most empowering things I have done for myself in a long while. Anyone willing to take an honest look at themselves will benefit from seeing Erika.

~Maureen from Philadelphia

It´s a fantastic feeling to sit with Erika, surrounded by a lot of candles and only the good spirits . She is a beautiful, loving person with “old “wisdom in her heart and I´m amazed over the advice that she has given me. Every single thing that she has told me has already happened or I am right in the middle of! How is that possible? Her guidance about the future has been a very good help on the way to make that final decision about something. I am very grateful. Last time we had a reading she said that I would get offered a new job,” higher up” in the organization. I have the interview on Friday, I cross my fingers!

~A big admirer Stockholm, Sweden

Meeting with Erika is a very special and unique experience. She is a compassionate and giving person who is clearly connected to a higher source. You will feel enlightened after your reading with her.

~Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA

I think Erika has a beautiful gift. It really is a blessing to have access to this knowledge and spiritual guidance. I think anyone would benefit from a reading.

~Emily P., Architect, Los Angeles, CA

I’m not a skeptic nor an expert in spirituality and mysticism but in the presence of Erika Gabriel there is no need for either position. She consistently brings warmth, comfort and superior knowledge to every reading and I feel blessed to know her.

~Cat R., Producer, Los Angeles, CA

I have had several readings with Erika and each one was equally valuable. Her gift, quite simply, is astounding! The accuracy, insight, and precision with which she relays her message is truly impressive…..some of her predictions have already come true! During my last reading, Erika predicted that I would get a new job in 3 months. Amazingly, exactly three months later, I got a job offer! Erika’s warm, intuitive, and spirited nature make the whole experience all the more special. I think that everyone could benefit from a reading with this amazing woman!

~ Kristine H., Registered Nurse, Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend Erika to anyone looking for deeper connection, broader perspective, and clear, specific answers and guidance from the angels. I have seen and visited with many psychics and mediums in my life, and today Erika is the only medium I have read for me. She is pin-point accurate and to the point; truly engaged with her own healing capabilities and generously bringing this wisdom to others. Her readings shine with robust clarity and detail, and are brimming with pertinent and relevant direction/guidance ranging from health, finances, love and relationships to genuinely connecting with guides, angels, and passed loved ones. Her readings come through with the beautiful knowing evident to anyone who sits with her that she is here in service to God and to be of service to others. I appreciate most her ability to truly embrace the humanity in us all, in all situations and circumstances, this is deep compassion, and what truly makes her readings not only spiritual, but also special. It seems to me that it is this very ability–to embrace the human experience, in essence, to bring forward the innate loving and acceptance of what is–that propels humanity forward. Erika’s readings open a living resolve within that can’t help but compel us to ‘act on purpose’ and know joy deeply. This is her gift to anyone who meets her.

~Courtney P., Spiritual Medium, Santa Barbara, CA

Having a reading from Erika Gabriel is not the “usual” psychic experience. It’s like getting advice from your best, smartest, most intuitive girlfriend who you totally trust.. and she’s not only in touch and in tune with your every day, she’s in touch with your past and your future too.. REALLY!!

Erika will ask you for specific questions but also give you important readings on your life in general. I find that balance to be just perfect! I have worked with Erika on the phone and face to face/in-person. To my surprise, I enjoyed both kinds of sessions equally… which makes taking advantage of Erika’s psychic service easy no matter where you are.

For me the results have always been reassuring, comforting, “feel good” and made me think about or consider something I might otherwise have not.

I highly recommend Erika Gabriel, not just for yourself, but as a great gift idea for a family member or a friend as well To me, Even people who already see psychics would benefit from Erika’s unique approach and style!

~Ruth S., Branding Consultant,West Chester, PA

There really aren’t that many words that can describe how you feel when you finish a reading with Erika. She opens a door inside you that you never knew existed and will never want to close again. Erika has literally changed my life. She’s not only helped me through rough times, she’s also made the bright times a lot shinier. Every reading has created new meaning and new insights. Erika is one of the most precious and special human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~Wil B.,Writer, Los Angeles, CA